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Some proposals were meant to be captured!

I get a lot of inquiries regarding capturing surprise proposals and I always get excited when I receive them!  The planning, the unknown reaction, the surprise, It's literally an emotional high...  I don't have a detailed process on how they should go.  I just listen, show up, capture & deliver! 

How did he/she ask?

This question is always asked by family, friends, and people who just want to share in the experience.  What better way to tell a story, than to have visual memories to go along with it.

My Process

I'm like a stalker who takes the approach of Paparazzi, lol... Once contact is made, I follow with my camera and wait for the question to be asked "Will you Marry Me?"  I then swoop in for the kill!  Not literally, but I move in for the "Answer" shot!

Washington DC Wedding Photographers​

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My Recommendations

Choose a significant place, but maybe not you all's favorite place - choosing your favorite place may give away the surprise... If you haven't been there in forever and just show up randomly, your partner may question the situation.

Stay calm - Which can be hard to do, when you want things to go perfectly; I get it!  Staying calm will assist in throwing your partner off the surprise.

Don't watch me - I try my best not to look like a creeper, so help me out a little!

These are only recommendations and do not apply to every couple or situation... So if you're in doubt, just do what feels right to you!

Most of all, just be in the moment and enjoy!

Washington DC Wedding Photographers​

Best Wedding Photographers

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