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So I've taken the time to reflect and develop some helpful advice when preparing for an Engagement Session.  This is only helpful advice and is based on my experience only.  These tips will be extremely helpful for our artistic relationship.

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When planning your Engagement, try to avoid waiting until the last minute (if at all possible).  Early preparation is key, in alleviating stress and also missing out on your desired Booking date.  Consider your turn around time for Processing and Editing of your Session.  I typically deliver Engagement and Pre-Wedding Sessions within 1-2 weeks.  The industry Standard for sending out "Save the Dates" is about 4-6 months prior to your Wedding date.  With this in mind, use a timeline as part of your planning so that you get your images back within a reasonable time frame.

Washington DC Wedding Photographers​  Best Wedding Photographers

Selecting Location and Concepts


For location, I recommend choosing a location that is unique to you and your partner... such as a coffee shop, restaurant, train station, museum, theatre, park, or better yet, someplace extremely deserted.

I also recommend selecting at least 2 locations.  I can be very creative with posing. However, a second location breaks up the monotony in scenery so that your images are strikingly different.  This will give you more of a variety of images to choose from.

Think about some of things you both like to do together and/or individually.  This can consist of hobbies, activities, or your professional interest/background.  Where do you typically go for date night?  What places do you love to visit together?


Your images should relate to you in some way including the surroundings.  Photos are meant to capture moments in time or create a look, mood, or feeling.  So, it's very helpful when there is significance to your surroundings.

However, having a blank canvas and no concept or ideas are okay as well... In those cases, I prefer to remove my couples from what is expected into the unexpected and create fun artistic & loving images. 


Scheduling & Booking


I currently schedule Engagement Sessions on the Weekends with Morning Sessions anytime between 8am-11am and Afternoon Sessions anytime after 4pm.  I can accommodate Weekday Sessions upon request.  The best lighting is usually early in the morning, right after sunrise, and evenings about 2 hours prior to sunset.  These are typically the hours where you can expect few crowds or for crowds to start dissipating.  Overcast weather is also best because there isn't harsh lighting coming from the sun.  So don't get discouraged about cloudy days, embrace them!

I consider my Booking Process to be very streamlined… I try to send out Booking confirmations in less than 3 emails unless additional information is required.  I've learned that this also helps to alleviate additional Client concerns with regard to difficulty in Booking.

There are several things to consider when Booking.  It's extremely helpful when you have an idea of where (location), and how (the concept) your Engagement Session should feel.  However, I can offer some ideas if you tell me a little about you and your significant other.


I welcome your ideas as well as my creative freedom for concepts.  Bringing along keepsakes often helps with inspiration, so I encourage you to think outside of the box. 

Washington DC Wedding Photographers​

Best Wedding Photographers

CharliePWindsor Washington DC Wedding Photographers

What to Wear


This is the time to show off your best attire!  Remember, these images will be a representation of you and a relationship visual for family and friends. 

Patterns and Prints look great for outdoor sessions with a lot of trees and greenery.  Solid colors, color blocking, and patterns look great on slates, brick, and stone buildings.  Plaids and layers are great for fall sessions when the colors of the leaves are most vibrant.  Light colors and thin layers work well for spring and summer sessions (This is highly recommended as sometimes perspiration can affect the look of clothing due to humidity).  Loose fitting clothing can alter your appearance in images on windy days, so I recommend clothing that fits well to the body. 


Moreover, just be yourself!  It’s better to be comfortable and authentic, rather than trying to achieve a contrived look.  There may be some walking involved so comfortable shoes are ideal (or bring a pair with you to change into).

What to Expect


Expect to have a great time and enjoy the session as intimate time with your significant other.  I give you all the direction you need and create images through suggested poses and ideas.  Be open to trying different poses and looks during your session.  Don't worry about not having experience on a photo shoot, I promise it's really not that serious.  You're in safe hands!  For clients looking to book Wedding Services, this is the perfect opportunity for us to become familiar with each other.  I can learn your likes and dislikes, your best angles and poses, and build a working relationship so that you’re comfortable on your Wedding day.


I’m easy going, laid back, and pride myself on a great client experience.

I'm Ready

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